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Hiking to Cerro Candelaria, Puriscal, San Jose

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puriscal san jose

Isla Damas, Quepos

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isla damas quepos

Isla Damas, or Damas Island, is a small (6 km²) island in Costa Rica in the vicinity of Quepos. It is particularly noted for its estuaries lined with mangroves. Fauna on the island include white-faced monkeys, sloths, green iguanas,Read more

Reventazón River, Ujarrás, Paraíso, Cartago

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orosi, cartago

Upstream and downtream pictures of Reventazón River at Ujarrás.


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orosi, cartago

Barrio Chino San José

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san jose costa rica

Early stage construction of Barrio Chino, downtown San José

Alto Cuen, La Estrella

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cuen limon

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